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Yes, you can! You won’t have to buy a ticket and have it sent to your home, we will take care of it for you. The following are your options:

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The following comments were recently submitted to a list of responses to the blog post “The “Science” and “Moral” Case for Science, Religious Ethics and Moral Values.” It is submitted by a commenter in the comments under the link for the post. The original post can be found here (although you could also search Google for “science and morality”).

I am of the belief that moral values can be derived from scientific principles. It is important for me to realize how science is used to understand my personal view on morality and morality’s ability to change across time. The reason I think this is important is that I tend to hold on to beliefs and values that my mother, ancestors, and forefathers had. For example, my mother was married (at the time of my birth) to a man who was a scientist working on astronomy (he was a member of the SETI Committee that studied extraterrestrial intelligence). My grandmother, as a young woman, was married to a man who was a teacher and was a member of the Presbyterian Church. My father, in all fairness, was an “old school” scientist (he worked with a radioactive silicate but did not understand the ramifications of its use

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