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While this type of person is not as common as your average man, you wouldn’t want to be the only one who gets drunk for a night when there’s a DJ spinning in your neighbourhood. I’d also think that you’d feel a little embarrassed when you walk into a nightclub and there’s the one person who’s just got out the bar and started dancing, or the one who had just been sitting in their car watching an all-white movie with their children when they heard this music. I’d also wonder if you, as a female, can even get a date on a Saturday night, let alone find one who’s willing to go out with you after.

7. You might feel a little more confident around boys

It makes sense that you have some sort of cultural bias against women DJing, but it’s almost laughable how often you think the boys of today have it better than any of us.

I’ve seen DJing classes with no women on them — the same ones where the boys get invited to dance along. I saw an all boys school. That’s the kind of message kids receive from the media: that they’ve got it all and they should just do what they want.

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This is the message that most men believe. Men don’t believe that women are capable of playing the instrument, or being a writer, or being an accountant, or even being able to cook, cook or do anything that needs anything but a kitchen. Most women — and they’re actually women, as they should be, but who are not — are unable to think, or even write, or do anything that is above an amateur kitchen.

To all the girl DJs out there: if this is who you are, how can you think you’re any different to the other DJs in the audience?

To all the boys DJing club nights: I love and support where you are, you just have to find something that you enjoy doing. If you get to play on the piano and sing on the drums and it’s all you can do — I don’t know if you’re that creative — so what do you got?

To the men who are looking to be a DJ: you’re not that special. You didn’t even get into school for drama, but instead of being a drama teacher you’re going to be this DJ. You don’t get any special treatment.

So here’s a message for you — be confident. If you feel like you’re not comfortable in

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