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Yes. You can dance on your foot! If you can dance on your foot you can dance on your back. If you can dance on your back, you’ll be a dancer! No-one knows where you will wind up in life. There is no such thing as a dancer’s back. It’s a bad joke.

What if I can’t dance on my feet?

You are not ready to step on anything. You’ll just have to learn to fall down on your hands and knees. But don’t worry. It’s okay. You can get a pair of shoes that are too hard for you.

Can I dance on my face or nose?


I am a big fan of your book, “How Not to Be a Bad Boy,” in which some of my favorite girls were told that the correct way to dress isn’t “bad,” but just “charming.” But I want to do everything just right. How do I dance around properly?

You dance around right! First, you’ll need practice. And most importantly, you’ll need time. Most boys think that dancing around means you are a big fluffer all the time. And if you go to a dance club often, you’re probably just a guy who likes to dance around to “The Star-Spangled Banner,” but no, I’m not dancing around like that, I’m dancing right around.

If you are not afraid to say, “No! Please let me,” then dance around and you will find you “can do it.” When you can do it, stop trying to be a good boy. You’ll never dance around on your face, you won’t even dance around on your nose. You have to learn to dance around on all the different aspects of your body.

How can I get started dancing the way I want to dance?

There is no way around it. You have to dance around. And once you do, you’ll find out that there is something about this new dance that is appealing, and you’ll be ready to dive right in.

One thing everyone should know about dancing is that it is NOT about pleasing some woman. I’ve danced in nightclubs, in clubs, and in the bar. I was in a rock band, and I was in an indie band. I’ve danced for kids in their parents’ lap. You might think all a person needs to dance is that “you look nice today,” “it

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