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There is no one correct way to tell the story of Can Can Dance history. The following history of Can Can Dance will be based based upon the general information available. There is no single right way to tell the story; it is one that is influenced by the various factors that have shaped the history of the community.

Origins Edit

While Can Can Dance started as a grassroots community effort to find a dance community for a particular area, it didn’t start as a community or a dance-based community. It first began as a non-profit dance organization which, after finding success at a local dance company, decided to expand through an alliance with many other similar nonprofits which would create a new dance community centered around dance lessons and cultural programs.

In 1996, all members and volunteers decided to change the name of the collective and create a dedicated dance program based on the philosophy of “can,” instead of “can’t,” in reference to a person’s ability to perform a dance move. While this change in name was met with positive backlash from the community, it still worked to increase and further develop the program as it grew. Eventually, the dance program expanded into a full day of classes with three different dance styles including Can Can Dance’s traditional style of Belly Dance, Can Can Dance’s popular Belly Swing, and Can Can Dance’s new style called Soul Class. The music taught at Can Can Dance classes was created by popular musicians and singers including Bob Marley and others from the Belly of the Beast Dance Troupe.

Can Can Dance’s mission has now changed to a mission to raise awareness and support for dance and make it accessible for everyone. This vision extends to a larger cultural movement that embraces the diversity and ability of people of all ages and abilities. The program also teaches youth, children, and seniors that dance is a path for the young to develop an interest in music, culture, and education.

Can Can Dance was initially created in the 1980’s with the goal of creating a dance community and providing opportunities to learn a new style of dance. However, over the first decade of Can Can Dance’s existence, the program moved away from its original goals. After numerous events across the world, including events in Europe and the United States, Can Can Dance was able to create an international reputation. The international success of the program eventually led to Can Can Dance’s incorporation with a larger organization including an executive committee, school, school curriculum, and a community center.

In the past five years,

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