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Can Can Dance has been a big part of music history since its inception in 1990.

In the early ’90s, dance music was a new thing. It was a new way of making music. The music that was on the radio at the time, in the clubs, was mainly dance rhythms.

People liked that, and they put us on television. Then for the first time there was actual music that was made from the heart of the artist.

At that time, it was the Wild Card label that made it possible for artists to have the freedom to be themselves. We were the only label that could work with us and actually be really close to the artist. We loved that. In the ’90s, we had one hit off Can Can Dance called “The Future.”

Since then, it’s evolved in many ways. From that one song, people were hooked on the music. We’ve seen that a couple times.
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Now it’s just a good time of life. It makes everything a whole lot easier. It is like eating healthy. The best thing about it is you can get something good for your body. When you’re at work, eating right is all about having a lot of vitamins and minerals. With Can Can Dance you get to be like a human body — you know?

Can Can Dance’s history

The label began with an EP of classic dance music. It was called “Dance To The Music” EP. After that came the “Can Dance” album. Later we also added “Disco Is My Drug” album and “Crazy” album.

After the “Can Dance” album came a new CD called “Dream Theater.” It’s about being a dreamer. A lot of times the songs we make after that are about having the dreamer experience. People think, “Well that’s a classic Can Dance song. What are you guys doing now?” Well, not all of our songs are about that. Even the ones with the name “Can Dance” have a lot of different emotions. They’re not all about the dance. They’re a little bit more positive than anything else. There’s also a lot of songs about how not to be alone in the world, like the lyrics in “Dream Theater.” It’s been a long time since Can Can Dance was at an event and it was something special for our fans.

We used to show a tour guide the Can Can Dance DVD. It was on the side

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