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Mackenzie Davis: Can will never be as famous as The Game, but we’re still going to look at her here. With a great body, a strong singing voice and some of the hardest hitting songs he’s written, he helped define the post-grunge sound that will define us for years to come.

Jill Scott: She’s a great example of a truly gifted artist who had the fortitude and skill to stay relevant after leaving the fold of his own label. And like the most talented artists of that era, she would have remained relevant forever had she not gotten sick.

Iain Cook: I think she is the best example of a real talent, like her, being pushed to the next level just by the sheer volume of demand, but also by her passion for doing so. In the way she worked as a DJ, her sound always seemed to be better than any of the others, like the first big moment she hit Top 30 in the UK.

Alex Vause: I didn’t get to see the album that many times, but I think this album is great, she really deserves the best success she ever got. She’s been very much a pop artist with a rock heart, but she’s grown into an artist who can do a lot in her own genre, as well as a pop song artist.

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Liam Gallagher: He’s an amazing singer, it’s just sad when you get to see him sing, because his performances are so great and it’s like “oh, it’s only a song,” but in one minute he’s on stage, and you’re singing. And he’s got it down pat, but he’s never like that on ‘Gallaghers’. It’s like a completely different personality.

Derek Hough: I think he is the biggest pop star of the last ten years, but unfortunately he’s not really got it down pat, he can be a real hard act to follow sometimes. He’s got amazing vocal chords, and he’s not a really good singer or anything, but it just comes out of his face.

Mackenzie Davis: I have to admit, at first, I wasn’t the biggest Liam fan. I think he has that ‘pop star mentality’, but he’s so humble and it’s not the same as the big stars of the last ten years. He’s probably the only superstar in the last ten years who actually

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